You can decorate however you want! We have no restrictions so decorate away! We also have a large selection of decor available if you would like to borrow decor.


Yes, there are restrooms for both barns and each cottage has its own bathroom, too.


We provide a refrigerator, microwave, running water and plenty of electricity for our guests to use along with a prep area. Caterers should come prepared with everything necessary to serve guests. Each cottage also has a small kitchen inside.

Getting Ready Area?

Yes, both barns have getting ready areas included in each package. If you book all of Mellon Acres for your event, you will have multiple places to choose from!

Rehearsal Evening?

When you book your wedding/reception at Mellon Acres you will also receive Friday evening to have your rehearsal.

Temperature Controlled?

The Red Barn has both modern AC and Heat. The Rustic Barn does not have AC but for colder days we have restaurant style standing patio heaters to keep the inside warm. Heater rentals start at $35.


As long as we know in advance that you will be bringing pets big or small you are welcome to have them at your big day! Even horses are allowed!


We allow smoking, sparklers, lantern send offs and even fireworks for your event as long as everything is done 20 feet or more away from the barns. Our staff is on hand. The only thing we request is that if there are candles, that the flame be enclosed.


You are welcome to provide your own alcohol to our venue. Our staff can serve beer and wine, but no hard liquors unless you hire a license insured bartender.


You are free to bring any vendors you like to our barn. We do not have any restrictions or preferred vendors so it is open to your choosing.

How do I book?

We would love to host your event at Mellon Acres! Please contact us to set up a tour and receive a contract.

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